Fruit Distillates


The Secret Treasures – Orangengeist 0,7 L, 40 % alc./vol.

Carefully distilled in 2007, every label shows detailed information

of distillation, bottling, number of bottles in total and actual bottle

number. Produced from organic oranges.

Colour: Light and clear.

Nose: Voluptious, fresh, lots of fruit, orange, lime.

Taste: Fruity, round, intense, orange marmalade, spicy, slight bitter note.

Aftertaste long and fruity.











The Secret Treasures – La Bonne Prune 0,7 L, 43 % alc./vol.

Carefully distilled in 2006 from organically grown varieties of plums. Onlythe best ripe and hand-picked fruits from own plantations were used. Distillation and aging in oak barrels matured this product to perfect harmony. Made 100 % from natural ingredients without any additives. This fine Treasure gets its dark colour through the aging process in oak barrels.

Colour: Dark amber.

Nose: Fragrant, fruity.

Taste: Mild, nice structure, harmonious, fresh plum, hints of vanilla and toffee.








The Secret Treasures La Vieille Poire 0,7L 43 % alc./vol.

A fine product from the independent bottler: The Secret Treasures. Carefully distilled in 2013 from many different ripe pears – only handpicked fruit from locally-grown gardens were used, maturing after distillation, and aging in oak barrels to achieve finest harmonization. This product consists of all natural components without any added colors or flavors. Its dark color is achieved by the aging process in oak barrels. Color: Dark amber. In the nose, fragrant, ripe pears with a hint of sweet vanilla. On the palate, harmonious, round, aromatic, fruity pear and vanilla. The label contains detailed information on distillation, bottling, bottle number and number of bottles produced.











The Secret Treasures Haselnuss 2014 0,7L 40 % alc./vol.